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January 15, 2015

Journal HS&R

The inaugural issue of Health Systems & Reform has published and is available free access via the Routledge/Taylor & Francis online platform at  Editors-in-Chief, Joseph Antoun, University of Chicago and Michael R. Reich, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, introduce this quarterly publication. This is the first journal dedicated to bridging research and theory with knowledge and practice in health systems and reform. It provides cutting-edge research articles and commentaries addressing critical topics in health systems financing, health systems management, public health, health policy, and health economics.


“We are pleased to introduce this inaugural issue of HS&R as the journal of excellence and reference in health systems and reform globally. The journal's mission is to create a global platform for sharing cutting-edge analysis, methods, and lessons in health systems and reform and to provide thought-provoking articles for leaders, researchers, and students looking for new ideas and lessons in how to improve health systems and reform processes. Most importantly, we hope that our journal will contribute to strengthening health systems and to improving health care delivered to patients around the world.”


“We are honored to be joined in this endeavor by global leaders in health systems and reform: HS&R Associate Editors William Hsiao, Tricia J. Johnson, David H. Peters, Elias Mossialos, and Winnie Yip. With their collaboration and expertise, we are launching this journal to advance global knowledge on health system analysis and reform.”


“We encourage academics, practitioners, and leaders in public health and other relevant health system stakeholders to submit their articles to Health Systems & Reform.


Health Systems & Reform receives all manuscript submissions electronically via the eJournal Press website located at: This website allows for rapid submission of original and revised manuscripts, as well as facilitating the review process and internal communication between authors, editors and reviewers via a web-based platform.


Each issue of Health Systems & Reform will provide a global perspective. Research articles will examine health reforms from national and cross-national perspectives and will include positive and normative analysis and recommendations. The journal is committed to publishing articles that examine the processes and the consequences of health reform efforts around the world. Every issue will also include commentaries from healthcare leaders, such as ministers of health, CEOs of healthcare companies, and heads of non­profit and nongovernmental institutions. These leaders will share their experiences, concerns, and policy lessons with a global audience. 



Volume 1, 2015, 4 issues per year, ISSN Print 2328-8604, ISSN Online 2328-8620

EXPLORE THE JOURNAL ONLINE at to view each issue and every article, submit manuscripts, subscribe, recommend a subscription to your librarian, access “most-read” and “most-cited” articles, sign up for new issue alerts, or review the complete Editorial Board. The first four issues will be available for Free Access.

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Joseph Antoun, University of Chicago, Email:
Michael R. Reich,
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Email:



Health System Financing - William Hsiao, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Health System Management - Tricia J. Johnson, Rush University 
Public Health - David  Peters, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health
Health Policy  - Elias Mossialos, The London School of Economics
Health Economics  - Winnie Yip, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford