Longeviity Clinics: so that healthy living become a practical reality throughout your life

March 11, 2014

Longevity Clinics

Longevity Clinics Inc. is a global social entrepreneurship franchise comprosing of integrated centers of excellence and reference in primordial, primary and secondary preventions. Individuals and patients would receive receive cutting edge, evidence based, integrated and personalized portfolio of servoces aimed at improving their wellbeing and healthspan.


The clinics will evaluate each individual's health and social determinants that affects his or her longevity (genetics, family risks, medical/surgical history, lifestyle parameters, sleep, social life, etc.), draw for each individual a longevity pathway and offer a personalized portfolio of cutting edge, evidence based interventions tailored to slow his/her biological age, increase his/her health span and prevent/manage major chronic and degenerative diseases.


The centers will be globally integrated providing subscribers with best-in-class and integrated care anywhere around the world. They are locally managed by a trained team of physicians, nurses and dieticians and globally overseen by leading scientific institutions and global experts in the longevity field.