Michael Reich, Honored for Advancing Public Health in Japan

April 29, 2015

Michael Reich

April 29, 2015. Harvard Professor and Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Heath Systems and Reform Michael Robin Reich is awarded by the Japanese Government the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of Japan’s policy for global public health as well as for advancing public health in Japan.
Professor Reich has provided remarkable support to Japan’s contributions to international public health issues. Dr. Reich worked on health systems issues with prominent policy leadership in Japan to propose policy initiatives to the Japanese government for the Toyako G8 Summit held in Japan in 2008; he contributed to the landmark special issue on the Japanese health system by the international medical journal Lancet in September 2011; and he has collaborated with Japanese researchers and the World Bank to promote policies for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) based on the Japanese experience.