One Person, one world, one card

June 11, 2014

NCORD Health Card

June 11, 2014. HSR signs a partnership with NCORD Global Health Card, a US based Health IT company.

This partnership aims at globalizing the concept of having a web-based individual health records that could be uploaded, viewed or accessed through a personal card from anywhere around the world. Think of it as your banking credit or debit card that will hold in this case your medical records including your medical history, medications, labs, imaging and other health related data.


After providing the card's serial number and password, the cardholder asks his/her physician to update his records after every visit or hospitalization. Thereafter, the patient could access his updated medical records from anywhere around the world. This service is unique in terms of its globality, portability and universality as it is not specific to any health systems, medical coding or geographic location.


NCORD Global Health Card increases efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare by reducing duplication of services and improving quality of care delivered to a patient. It will save patient lives and decreases potential years of life lost.