Who we serve

HSR works with key stakeholders that are vested in health systems strengthening: Governments, Private sector, Nonprofit organizations and Academic Institutions.

Who we Serve - Governments and Policymakers

Governments and policymakers are major drivers of the reform process and therefore are key stakeholders for HSR. Our clients have included Ministries of Health, Finance and Economic development; Parliaments, and Presidential Administrations. HSR considers any stakeholder in healthcare as part of the health system and any effort to strengthen healthcare as part of the reform process. Accordingly our mission and services are not restricted to legislative or executive reform processes but encompass other system strengthening actions including public health programming and quality improvement of healthcare delivery. To HSR, supporting the right reforms and the public administrations implementing them is a profession stemming from passion and compassion towards suffering patients and the general population.

We provide governments and policymakers with a range of services including health systems analysis; identifying opportunities for improvement of quality and delivery; setting short and long term system development plans; supporting legislative and executive branches in reform passage; advising public administration on reform management and implementation; leading successful social marketing campaigns; and measuring outcomes against reform objectives. HSR projects include health policymaking and regulation processes, strategic planning and development of health systems, effective public management and leadership in healthcare, healthcare financing and insurance, organization of the healthcare system, provider payment for hospitals and physicians, national pharmaceutical policy formulation, boosting innovation and investment in healthcare, development of human resources in healthcare, public-private partnerships, environmental health and regulation, behavior change and social marketing.