Who we serve

HSR works with key stakeholders that are vested in health systems strengthening: Governments, Private sector, Nonprofit organizations and Academic Institutions.

education - internal

HSR's expertise is housed in leading instutions in healthcare education including Harvard University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, London School of Economics, and many other institutions.

HSR works with universities and other educational institutions to develop, launch, and manage departments of health policy, health systems management and public health. Our services include budgeting and management, programming and curriculum development, recruitment and training of trainers.

HSR experts provide teaching and training in health policy, health sytsem management, public health and in related topics such as leadership and negotiation in healthcare. We design and deliver executive and customized courses for a range of target audiences in partnership with our sister company ESR.

A sample of provided courses: Introduction to Health System Management, Introduction to and current issues in Public Health, Introduction to Health Policy analysis and health system reform, Comparative healthcare systems, Health Economics and insurance, Health Financing and Provider Payment, Resource allocation and cost-effectiveness analysis, Leadership in Healthcare, Negotiation in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Business and Policy, Human resource development and management, Process and operations management, Healthcare quality management, Disaster management and planning in healthcare, Project Management, Planning and Budgeting in healthcare, New Business Development, Healthcare Strategy and Futures Planning, Advanced Health Economics, Methods in Cost-effectiveness Comparative Effectiveness Research, From Health Policy to Clinical Practice, Health Care and Health Reform, Pharmaceutical business and policy, Aging and Health Policy, Introduction to the Health Services System, Public Private Partnership and Corporate Responsibility in healthcare, Introduction and topics in Global Health, Topics in Global Health, Developing Health: Transitions in Global Health & Development, Health Services Research Methods