How we do it

HSR gathers over 60 world class experts in health systems and system reform, health policy, healthcare management and healthcare education.

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HSR’s three core values are:

Commitment to patients:  although HSR’s stakeholders are mainly healthcare leaders of public and private institutions, we keep the patient and his interest at the center of our mission and services.

Excellence: because patients’ lives are at stake in healthcare, excellence in our services is an ethical commitment to each suffering patient. Our best-in-class global network of experts matches the level of services that we thrive to deliver.

Integrity: we conduct our services in full compliance with local laws and in full transparency and honesty vis a vis our stakeholders.


Unique and integrated portfolio:

HSR gathers over 60 world class experts across all disciplines of public health: health policy, health system management, healthcare delivery, behavioral health and environmental health. HSR experts bring decades of experience in the academic, consulting and executive sectors of public health.

HSR is a unique one-stop-shop advisory for health system reform.

Evidence & experience based services:

HSR’s proposals and advisory services are based on experts’ international experiences; comparative health policy; cross-country benchmarking and learning; and rigorous analysis and modeling.

Developing leadership in healthcare:

Effective and ethical Leadership in healthcare leads to better health systems and improved patient health outcomes. HSR is dedicated to training and developing best-in-class current and future leaders of healthcare.


HSR's Formula:

‘Knowledge + Experience + Innovation + Catalyst’ is HSR's formula for successful health system reform.

HSR’s academic experts bring best-in-class knowledge in the field of reform and public health. HSR’s network of practitioners and former ministers of health brings decades of practical field experience. HSR gathers both types of experts, alongside its core team members, under one platform which acts as an incubator for innovative and tailored reform strategies. HSR then acts as a catalyst and ‘on the ground’ partner to facilitate reform adoption and implementation.

Since the reform process is a never ending cycle of improvements, HSR is a favorite long term partner insuring that each reform cycle fits the strategic vision set out by the concerned health authority.