Who we are

We are a network of sixty Ivy League experts dedicated to improving public health through health policy reform and better healthcare management.

CEO speech

Health Systems Reform is a boutique multinational consultancy that gathers top global healthcare experts to support  health systems in transition and patients lacking proper care. HSR is changing the paradigm of the current consulting business to the 'business of improving social welfare' by developing and advising leaders of reform. Our experts provide unparalleled knowledge and experience in health systems and are guided by a profession of compassion and a commitment to improving health outcomes through healthcare reform.

 I have joined HSR because I have witnessed firsthand as a physician how the failure of a health system to match patient expectations has led to tragic outcomes. To me it was a call to action, and my journey in health policy and system reform began.  Through HSR, I support countries in transition with improving their health systems, decreasing their burdens of diseases, and alleviating patients’ suffering. 

 It has been said that ‘with challenges leaders are born’. At HSR, we believe that we need to foster new leaders who outpace challenges and proactively drive reforms. HSR’s consulting formula is to develop local leaders and executives of reform, matching them with best-in-class global experts to insure a critical mass of determinants for successful reforms. Our achievement depends on shaping world-class healthcare expertise with country specific socio-political determinants in order to develop and oversee the implementation of high-impact, sustainable local reform options.

 Because HSR experts believe that Health and Education are at the core of social welfare, we have created besides HSR, and under the same Group (The System Reform Group or SRG), another institution dedicated to education system reform called ESR (Education System Reform). A third sister company is SSR (Support System Reform) which provides similar services as HSR and ESR but with a nonprofit model. SSR supports low-resource governments and institutions and fulfills the SRG commitment to improving societal welfare and health outcomes regardless of financial remuneration or business model.

 As a company built on Excellence, Integrity and Commitment to patients, HSR is more than a leading advisory platform; it is a pledge to promoting social welfare through better healthcare. I invite anyone who shares these values to join us and support us to achieve our mission.


Joseph Antoun, MD, MS, MPP

President  & CEO