What we do

We provide advisory and training services to Governments, Corporations, Nonprofit and Academic institutions working in the health sector. Our expertise is in:

Health systems

Health Systems

Health Systems Reform dedicates its cross-national experience combined with evidence based policy analysis and creativity in local adaptation to consult on: Health Policymaking and the Reform Process, Health System Management including Hospital Management, Leadership in healthcare, and Healthcare Education. 

We go beyond advising to supporting willing clients with project implementation. This service includes training the clients' human resource, creating the right institutional infrastructure for change and being directly involved with client throughout project execution to project success.

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Health Policy

Due to the complex interplay of economic, social, political, environmental, and technological inputs into the health system, decision makers turn to HSR for guidance on integrating the multiple dimensions and trade-offs inherent to the policymaking process.

Health Systems Reform provides consulting support throughout the health policy reform process: from policy analysis and development to policy adoption, implementation and revision.


Healthcare Management

HSR’s experts support both system and institution leaders with strengthening performance, efficiency and quality of delivered services.

Through training and technical support, Health Systems Reform develops both leaders who could successfully manage healthcare institutions and competent followers who are capable of achieving institutional goals and improving patient care.


Healthcare Education

Health Systems Reform (HSR) and its sister organization Education Systems Reform (ESR) work with universities and other education-focused organizations to train current and future healthcare leaders through curriculum development and delivery.

Educational components cover disciplines of Health Policy, Public Health and Healthcare Management. HSR has the competitve advantages of setting up and managing relevant departments or specialties; developing cutting edge curricula and training courses and delivering/teaching relevant content.